Philanthropy plays a large role in Phi Sigma Sigma. The sisters participate in many events on and off campus, including Mini-THON and Relay for Life. They hold many events to support their national and local philanthropies.

The Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation (National)


The Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation announced its new philanthropic cause, school and college readiness, during the Centennial Convention in 2013. The members expressed a desire for more opportunities to volunteer locally and to make a difference in the lives of others. In addition, members wanted to become invested in a cause that had both international reach and local appeal. School and college readiness offers Phi Sigma Sigma the opportunity to make a difference in our local community. Our efforts in supporting this cause include a holistic approach comprised of the social, emotional, physical and intellectual facets of the individual. The four facets are met by three different environmental layers, known as the ready family, the ready school, and the ready community.


Once every semester, the sisters participate in an event called Rock-a-Thon. This event takes place in the town of Shippensburg, usually outside of Sheetz. We have sisters canning for 24 hours, our main goal is to raise the most money we can to donate to the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation.

The Greyhound Foundation (Local)


During the fall of 2016, the sisters of the Delta Chi Chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma decided on their new philanthropic cause, the Shippensburg Area School District Foundation. The sisters wanted something that embodied the National Philanthropy and is local to the University. The SASD Foundation named their project the Greyhound Foundation, because deep down we are all Greyhounds in the area. The mission of the SASD Foundation is "to provide a financial base to expand and develop educational opportunities for all students within the district. This effort is intended for but not limited to, academic enhancement, transformational change, staff development and scholarship*".


The sisters hold many events throughout the year to support The Greyhound Foundation, including tabling in the CUB or outside the library, where they sell bows, ribbons and bracelets.

*Information taken from the SASD Foundation's website

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